Thursday, January 25, 2007

I've decided something

After some good time of self reflection, taking in the new paces of my new career path, and just taking a good look at where life has landed me, I've decided something.

I want to write a book.

I'm not sure what kind of book I want to write yet. Maybe an epic fantasy novel, filled with my own unique spiritual undertones. Maybe some sort of spiritual journey book, about finding truth or about unity (I could even title that one "There's No Hateraide in the Fountain of Christ). Maybe a series of short children's books with good, updated morals inside of them. Maybe an innovative cook book.

I'm not sure what kind of book, I'm just sure I want to write a book. Maybe as I dwell on it, I can update here and you all (like, the three of you who read this) can get updates on the type of book I'm reading and get sample chapters.

Who knows?

Monday, January 22, 2007

It's Gonna Work

Last night, the Journey begun. For real this time. After years of ground work, tears, prayers, and visions and months of sweat equity and trial runs, we flung open the doors of jOURney last night for our public launch.

And we only had 14 empty seats.

And I'm trying really really hard to not read too much into one night. But I'm excited. People seemed receptive of the style, of Trevor's leadership, and of R.C. Foshizzle's worship leading, and of the experience as a whole.

I really think it's gonna work.

And I'm excited to see it work.

I honestly feel like God has plucked me from a situation that could have been very good (St. Marks) and placed me into a situation that is perfect for me (jOURney).

Also, in the past ten days, I've officially started my agent career with Aflac. Been through product class, basic sales school, and a training day in the field prospecting with my district supervisor.

I really think this is gonna work, too.

And I'm excited to get to work on it.

I honestly feel like God has calld me out of a situation I really would have enjoyed (academics in mathematics) and placed me in a situation outside of my natural comfort zone and natural strongsuits, but placed me in a position to succeed in ways larger than I ever imagined.

And, it turns out that not only was Aflac an answered prayer for me, I was an answered prayer for some folks there, too. And that's an awesome feeling to have.

So, let me know if I can practice my sales pitches on you, if you know any small business owners, or if you want to direct buy some Aflac products!

In other news, I miss Z, I need to find a CPA, and I can't believe it was Tom Brady and not Peyton Manning who threw a game ending INT to end his team's season. Maybe this year will be different.

I think this year's gonna work.

And I'm excited for it.