Monday, September 08, 2008

A New Start, Around the Corner

I couldn't decide which phrase I liked better: getting a fresh start, or turning the corner. So, I decided to use both.

Now, what am I referring to? I'm, of course, referring to my professional life. For about two years, I've been a struggling Aflac agent. They're a great company, and I respect them and the way they do business. But, the work simply hasn't been paying the bills on a consistent basis.

So, I made a decision a little while ago that I needed to branch a bit, find more income, and find steadier income.

And ... here's where I stand.

Tyler Betts is still an Insurance Agent, ready to meet your needs. I'm now contracted with three companies, with a fourth to possibly come.

So, for all of your insurance needs, be they Life, Disability, Gap, Dental, or whatever, I can be your one-stop shop. Remember that!

And, I've also started a full-time job that is not 100% commission.

Can you hear me now? Good, because I've also got a job working base + commission for a Verizon Agency. So, come to me with all of your cellular phone and wireless needs!

Got that? Insurance and Wireless ... when you need any of them, come to me!

Because, really, this is a new start. A new corner I've turned. A new page in my life.

And I will find success.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Celebrating a First

For the first time in my life ...

the Indians have a 20-game winner.

Now, if only they could fix that "never won the World Series in my lifetime" thing.

The Difference

The Difference between a faith and a religion, I think, comes into focus in the tough times. When things are down. When the chips fall on the negative side. When you lose, you're hurt, you're in pain, and nothing seems to go right.

I happen to think that if I simply had a religion, something that gave me comfort and knowledge of an afterlife, I'd be lost in times like this. I'd be wondering why the glories of others in my religion failed, repeatedly, to come to me.

I like to think I have faith in Jesus, and the ways he teaches. Faith that if I continue to do the things he taught, that if I continue to seek after him, it's going to be fine. And I'm going to continue to have relationships and encounters that matter.

I don't need to drink Kool-Aid to think that all that matters is the end.

I've got faith to know that my God is there by my side, keeping it from being any worse.

And, more importantly, I've got faith in my God that the people he's brought into my life are going to stand by my side and be the comfort and support that I need.